-Accommodation by UoB can be found out here http://www.bristolsulettings.co.uk/

-Alternatively, there are numerous letting agents here in Bristol. You can simply Google “Bristol letting agents for students”. Bear in mind that most agents in here have very strict policies towards international students such as  UK guarantor and agency fees. UK guarantor is a must for any potential tenants who want to rent. Otherwise, you will need to pay the total rent in advance. Finding UK guarantor is not an easy task too.

Letting agents:

-Kisaran harga sewa flat di Bristol kira-kira £400-700 per month per person untuk di daerah City Centre, Clifton, Redland and Cotham. Di beberapa daerah lain harganya bisa lebih murah sekitar £300-500 per month per person.

-Terdapat juga student private accomodation berupa studio or one bedroom. Kisaran harganya kira-kira £150-210 per week bills inclusive. Namun, biasanya pembayaran harus dilakukan dimuka untuk sewa selama 51 minggu atau cicilan per 12 minggu (4 bulan). Contohnya: http://www.collegiate-ac.com/uk-student-accommodation/bristol  http://www.unite-students.com/bristol  https://www.vitastudent.com/locations/student-accommodation-bristol/  http://www.studentstudios.co.uk/Bristol-Properties/Saint-Stephen’s-House

For more information, you can contact us!


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